Sunday Times watercolour exhibition

This painting has been accepted for the Sunday Time watercolour exhibition this September, and I am really pleased about that.

wall with growth

click on the image to enlarge it.

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It’s been a long time….

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Hmm, it has been a long time since I posted. Well, my excuse is that just as my broken ankle and damaged tendon was healing, and my walking improving, I broke my wrist and vertebrae in another accident,  at the … Continue reading

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Watercolour winter sketch

View from my kitchen window

As I did not go on the sketch crawl I tried out a watercolour sketch  of  a snowy, neighbour’s garden, as seen from my kitchen window. I am trying out using water colours straight, without  any pencil or pen drawing first. Perhaps it is a bit “chocolate- boxy”,  but  there it is.

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New studio

I finally made it to my new studio  last week  and set up for the first time.  It is small but perfectly formed for my needs. The light is very good and I have it all to myself – I shared my last studio. This  picture of  the empty room shows it  the way I will never see it again, until I have to leave it that is. It is very cold in the building as the weather now is very cold and it has snowed this week.

new studio 2 new studio

I had  intended  to join  a Sketch Crawl at the Tate Modern this Saturday, but the snowy and icy pavements around  my home have defeated me.  I am still wobbly on my repairing ankle and foot and it was just  too slippery  underfoot for me to walk  to the station.

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Boots and Shoes

I have had a particular relationship with this footware  over the last 3 months.

boots and shoes

 The walking shoe is the only shoe that I  can get my still swollen foot into and I am so…  bored with it.  

The boots are  the main culprits, I was wearing the pair when I broke my ankle.

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new plaster cast

I had my  temporary, slab plaster  cast replaced two weeks ago with this plastic, lightweight one. There was a choice of colours and  this bright green certainly helps to cheer me up. In the fracture clinic waiting room it was a case of “snap”,  as  I  sat next to  a young woman who had the same colour cast.

It will be another four weeks  before I can put weight on this foot, so I still am unable to  get to my new studio! In the meantime it will be drawing and sketching with my foot up.

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My plaster cast

Two sketches of   my  plaster cast  and foot, done as I was  sitting in the garden with my foot up on the garden table in the early October sunshine.  In the first one the table top  was a bit  askew so  I started again.

I am still getting used to hobbling around on crutches so have not been able to go to my new studio, nor done any painting yet.

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