Boots and Shoes

I have had a particular relationship with this footware  over the last 3 months.

boots and shoes

 The walking shoe is the only shoe that I  can get my still swollen foot into and I am so…  bored with it.  

The boots are  the main culprits, I was wearing the pair when I broke my ankle.

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new plaster cast

I had my  temporary, slab plaster  cast replaced two weeks ago with this plastic, lightweight one. There was a choice of colours and  this bright green certainly helps to cheer me up. In the fracture clinic waiting room it was a case of “snap”,  as  I  sat next to  a young woman who had the same colour cast.

It will be another four weeks  before I can put weight on this foot, so I still am unable to  get to my new studio! In the meantime it will be drawing and sketching with my foot up.

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My plaster cast

Two sketches of   my  plaster cast  and foot, done as I was  sitting in the garden with my foot up on the garden table in the early October sunshine.  In the first one the table top  was a bit  askew so  I started again.

I am still getting used to hobbling around on crutches so have not been able to go to my new studio, nor done any painting yet.

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Second weekend

We had much better weather for the  second weekend of our open studios, two dry and fairly sunny days.  Many more visitors passed through the site to look at the work of the 8 artists who have studios in the potting sheds.


We were able to be outside all day and get a  barbecue going. Here are some of our furry visitors attracted by the  sausages.


Some work by the other artists

I made a few quick sketches of people who sat or stood about for a while.




Sunday was my last day  working in these studios and  while I meant to set up at my new location  immediately on the  monday, that  will  be on hold for a while, as I have broken  my ankle.  I slipped on a piece of gravel walking down  a slope into one of the studios. I  am a bit immobile now,  with my leg  in  plaster   and   using crutches  Next week I  hope the plaster will be swapped for  a  boot, so I can  walk on two feet again.

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open studios

I have a share of a small studio. As a condition of our tenancies for two weekends  a year we have our studios open to the public. This photo is  of the studios last Sunday when it rained heavily almost all day and we did not have many visitors.

I meant to do some drawings of the location but it was too wet and instead we all huddled together in one bigger studio and drank wine and ate nibbles. My fingers  will be crossed for a bit better weather next weekend.

The studios are the ancient potting sheds, in a park that was once the gardens of a large private house.  They are a bit run down but the location is a lovely place to work and be, especially in the spring; sadly, I will be moving soon as I need a bigger space.

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Sketch crawl Greenwich

I joined a sketch crawl in Greenwich, Saturday 15th September. The organisers were the Urbansketchers London, a group who are committed to  sketching on location  and  sharing the results.

The weather was sunny  and hot, the day was perfect- really enjoyable. I needed just such an event to get me back sketching in an urban environment. I have drawn and sketched in secluded park land  locations but the last time I did this  in  a more urban  and public place was  as art student.

I now intend to do some drawing outside on location frequently, not necessarily regularly!.

if you want to find the blog for Urban sketchers London  it is at   The group pool is on flicker

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Blog Purpose

This blog is about my  progress  as a visual artist,  about  what interests and inspires me in other artists and art bloggers  work, – about life the universe and whatever.

The day job having given me up I now have the freedom  to make art full time.

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